Corridor Statistics and Resources

Click here for the US 70 Corridor Project Status (April 2019)
Click here for the US 70 Corridor Project Status (July 13, 2017)
Click here for the US Highway 70 2014-2016 Crash Statistics with county locations identified
Click here for the US Highway 70 2013-2015 Crash Statistics with county locations identified
Click here for the US Highway 70 2012-2014 Crash Statistics with county locations identified
Click here for Ranking of US 70 Corridor Projects
Click here for US 70 Corridor Projects Status (June 19, 2014), NCDOT SPOT 3.0 Quantitative Scores (June 9, 2014), Funded Bypasses (June 4, 2014), Other Corridor Upgrades and Feasibility Studies
Click here for US Highway 70 2011-2013 Crash Statistics with county locations identified on the 2014 Highway Safety Improvement Program
Click here for Strategic Mobility Formula Fact Sheet 5/2013

Corridor Statistics

Existing Conditions (I-40 to Port of Morehead City)

  • 60 existing/proposed signals
  • 264 median openings
  • Speed limit range:  45 – 70 mph
  • AADT range: 9,500 – 54,000 vpd

Financial Data

What are the typical costs of highway improvements (not including right-of-way)?
Project Costs

What are some estimated costs for improving US 70?

  • Current estimated costs for US 70 bypasses (85 miles): $840.2 million
  • Upgrade the entire corridor to a freeway (includes bypasses): $ 1,119.7 million
  • Upgrade the entire corridor to an interstate (includes bypasses): $ 1,308.7 million
  • Build a parallel toll/freeway facility (with bypasses): $1,720.2 million

Other Resources

Widening of NC 241 from NC 24 North to SR 1151 (Bob Stroud Road) Preliminary Findings Report

Agency Websites


Innovative Financing Resources

White paper on GARVEE bonds

Public Commissions/Coalitions

Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority (CA)
Red Rock Corridor Commission (MN)
Highway 17 Corridor (NC)
I-494 Corridor Commission (MN)

Public/Private Partnerships – “Where has this been done before?”

Highway 55 Corridor Coalition (MN)
US Route 422 Corridor Coalition (PA)
GCM ITS Corridor Coalition (WI, IN, IL)
Greater Austin-San Antonio Corridor Council (TX)
US 501 Regional Coalition (VA)
US Route 30 Master Plan (PA)

Private, Grassroots, and Other Groups

SC I-73 Association
Route 50 Corridor Coalition (VA)
US 58 Corridor Coalition (VA)

Access Management for Freeways

Costs and Benefits of Strategic Acquisition of Limited Access Right-of-Way at Freeway Interchange Areas, Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR), University of South Florida (USF), November 2004
Economic Impacts of Access Management
Model Land Development Regulations That Support Access Management, CUTR, USF, January 1996
NCDOT Policy on Street and Driveway Access to North Carolina Highways (NCDOT Driveway Manual)
North Carolina Median Crossover Guidelines

Corridor Preservation

Model Ordinance
Model Comprehensive Plan Amendment
Managing Corridor Development: A Municipal Handbook, CUTR, USF, October 2006

Alternative Intersection/Interchange Designs

The diverging diamond interchange is a relatively new concept in freeway
interchange design. The Missouri Department of Transportation recently reconfigured the interchange at Route 13 and I-44, replacing a diamond interchange with the diverging diamond configuration. This type of ramp system prioritizes entering and existing traffic by
making those movements free flow. The through movements “cross-over” at the
overpass, and the entire system is handled by a two-phase traffic signal that dictates
the flow of the through movements.

Proposed “Freedom Roads” Trail

To commemorate routes used by freedom seeking African Americans from the antebellum period to the end of the Civil War
“Freedom Roads” will recognize roads, rivers, and ports along North Carolina’s Scenic Byways* that were critical to the efforts of enslaved African Americans seeking access to freedom, and those who supported these freedom seekers. “Freedom Roads” will specifically highlight freedom seeking via the Underground Railroad as well as avenues of liberation created during the Civil War.
Freedom Roads Info
Freedom Roads Map