Pilot Project Updates

The US 70 Corridor Commission has partnered with local officials and NCDOT Division 2 staff to develop preferred alternatives for the two pilot projects for the US 70/NC 11/55 Skinners Bypass intersection in Kinston and US 70 corridor in James City. Input form all the stakeholders and citizens who attended the public meetings have helped improve the designs. the following links provide detailed mapping, results, and recommendations for each project.

Division 2

NC 11/55 Skinners Bypass Interchange, Kinston

The final design will include a bridge spanning over US70 with square loop ramps in all four quadrants. Businesses inside the loops will have multiple entry points from the loops and signals at the intersections with NC 11/55 Old Pink Hill Road. Auxiliary lanes will provide adequate space for accelerating onto and decelerating from US 70 freeway traffic. Sidewalks are also included on the bridge to allow pedestrian access over US 70 to the adjacent businesses, dog park, and athletic fields.

View or download the study documents here:
Feasibility Report
Conceptual Design

US 70 Improvements at James City, Craven County
After several years of meetings, discussions, protest and concerns, NCDOT has been engaged in the planning process for improvements at this location.  Initial plans for this project were discarded and a new consultant was engaged.  Following new innovative designs and public meetings, plans have been formalized and have met with acceptance from the general public.  Below you will find two basic project proposals:  One plan, which appears to be the favorable of the commenting public, utilizes a US 70 over service entrances.  The second plan is reversed with the service roads coursing over US 70.  It is our hope that we, in partnership with NCDOT and other regulatory agencies, can move forward with this project, relieving congestion and improving traffic safety at this location.  
View or download the Alternatives and Conceptual Designs here:

Division 4

Peedin Street Interchange, Smithfield/ Selma
The NCDOT planning study is in progress and NCDOT will host a public work session this summer. The project is scheduled for construction in 2012 with Hazard Elimination funding.

North Carteret Bypass

NCDOT completed their feasibility study for the North Carteret Bypass in late July. The study highlights the following important information regarding a future bypass:

  • Length: Approximately 23.5 miles
  • Termini: From the east end of the proposed Havelock Bypass just east of Havelock to the east end of the proposed Beaufort Bypass/Gallants Channel Bridge near Michael J Smith Airfield in Beaufort.
  • Alternatives
    • Alignment on Sections 1, 3, 4, and 5 (see map)
      Cost:  $390.1 million
      2030 AADT Traffic:  60,000 - 169,000 vpd
      Relocations:  160 residences, 17 businesses
    • Alignment on Sections 2, 3, 4, and 5 (see map)
      Cost:  $383.3 million
      2030 AADT Traffic:  60,000 - 169,000 vpd
      Relocations:  141 residences, 13 businesses
    • Alignment on Sections 7, 3, 4, and 5 (see map)
      Cost:  $372.4 million
      2030 AADT Traffic:  93,000 - 202,000 vpd
      Relocations: 139 residences, 11 businesses
  • Merrimon Expressway Option
    • Upgrades Merrimon Rd. (Section 5) to expressway, not freeway
    • From US 70 Split to proposed Beaufort Bypass
    • Reduces costs by $100.1 million
    • Eliminates 88 residential and 4 business impacts for all alternatives

Download the feasibility study or the study map for review